M.S., Transportation Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1997 

B.S., Environmental Engineering, United States Military Academy at West Point, 1993 

Academic Appointments 

Adjunct Professor, Washington University & University of Missouri-St. Louis Joint Civil Engineering Program (2003 to Present) 


Professional Engineer - Civil

  • Illinois, No. 062.060539 
  • Kentucky, No. 30429 
  • Minnesota, No. 47364 
  • Missouri, No. 2004017208 
  • North Carolina, No. 035246 
  • Wisconsin, No. 41195-6 

Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE), No. 1490 

Professional Transportation Planner (PTP), No. 57 

Professional Affiliations 

Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) 

  • Fellow 
  • International Board of Direction (2013 to Present) 

Missouri Valley Section of ITE (MOVITE) 

  • Board of Direction (2003-2010) 
  • President (2009) 

Transportation Engineering Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (TEAM StL.) 

  • Board of Direction (2002-2006) 
  • President (2005) 
  • Administrator (2007-Present) 

Transportation Research Board 

  • Military Transportation Committee (2012 – Present) 
  • Freeway Operations Peer Review Sub-Committee (2001 – Present) 

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Connect with me and join in the conversation about putting ITE Out Front.

I first held elected office in ITE in 2002 and have served in ITE leadership ever since. After receiving a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an M.S. from the University of Wisconsin, my transportation career has developed with great help from ITE. I am a Past President of the St. Louis Chapter and the Missouri Valley Section and I am the Faculty Advisor for the UMSL/Washington University ITE Student Chapter. I am the Midwestern District Director on the International Board and serve on several ITE committees. I would be pleased to talk with you about my vision for ITE and what I offer as the next International Vice President.

ITE Experience

Shawn has been active in ITE for many years and has served on boards and committees at several levels of the organization:

ITE International Committees

  • ITE International Board of Direction: 2013 to Present
  • ITE Budget and Finance Committee: 2014 to Present
  • ITE Professional Development Committee: 2014 to Present (Chair)
  • ITE Traffic Bowl Committee: 2013 to Present
  • ITE Annual Meeting Committee: 2013 to Present
  • ITE Transportation Achievement Award Committee: 2014
  • ITE Membership Task Force: 2013

Midwestern District (MWITE) Activities

  • MWITE Board of Direction: 2009; 2013 to Present
  • MWITE Representative on ITE International Vice President Selection Committee: 2008
  • MWITE District Annual Meeting Co-chair: 2007

Missouri Valley Section of ITE (MOVITE) Activities

  • MOVITE Board of Direction: 2003 to 2010 (President, 2009)

Transportation Engineering Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (TEAM StL) ITE Chapter Activities

  • TEAM StL Board of Direction: 2002 to 2006 (President, 2005)
  • TEAM StL Chapter Administrator: 2007 to Present

Academic Leadership Positions

  • UMSL/Washington University ITE Student Chapter Faculty Advisor: 2008 to Present
  • University of Wisconsin ITE Student Chapter (UWITS) President: 1997

ITE has recognized Shawn’s efforts on behalf the organization. In 2005 Shawn was awarded the “Young Consultants Award” for travel to the ITE International meeting in Melbourne, Australia. As MOVITE President he authored MOVITE’s 2009 Annual Report, which won the 2010 ITE Section Activities Award.

Professional Experience

Shawn leads CBB's day-to-day project delivery and business development efforts. His technical strengths are transportation planning, modeling, and freeway operations. He has worked in virtually every stage of project development and has been a part of several innovative projects, such as the New I-64 Project in St. Louis; which won the 2010 American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Best Transportation Project award. An outgrowth of those efforts is the development of a traffic model that has grown to cover much of the St. Louis regional freeway system. As an adjunct professor, Shawn has instructed over 250 students in traffic engineering and transportation planning. Shawn serves on several boards and committees for professional organizations that support the transportation industry. Shawn’s work in the St. Louis region has been featured on KMOX Radio and St. Louis Public Radio as well as in St. Louis Magazine and the Riverfront Times.

Interview with St. Louis Public Radio: What Should Transportation In St. Louis Look Like In 30 Years?

Interview with Riverfront Times: The Future of St. Louis: Predictions for 2114

Interview with St. Louis Magazine: Road Sage

Shawn J. Leight, PE, PTOE, PTP, FITE

Vice President /COO
CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners
12400 Olive Boulevard, Suite 430 | St. Louis, MO 63141

2015 Candidate for Vice President | Institute of Transportation Engineers
International Director | Institute of Transportation Engineers

Adjunct Professor | Washington University at St. Louis

314-878-6644, Ext. 21 (Office) | 314-922-3099 (Mobile) | 314-878-5876 (Fax) |

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