• 2009 Student Tour of I-64 Design Build Project

  • 2009 Missouri Valley Section Past President's Breakfast

  • ITE Leadership Supporting the 2015 Student Leadership Summit in Sacramento

  • 2015 International Board/Leadership ITE Washington Monuments Tour

  • 2013 ITE International Board Meeting

  • 2015 ITE Student Leadership Summit in Sacramento

  • 2014 KMOX Radio

  • 2015 TRB Week ITE Student Reception

  • 2013 Student Tour of I-70 Missouri River Bridge Project

  • 2014 St. Louis Public Radio

  • 2009 Accepting the Missouri Valley Section Past President's Gavel

  • 2015 ITE International Board

  • 2014 Leadership ITE and International Board in Miami

  • 2008 Opening of the New I-64 Design-Build Project

  • 2015 TRB Week ITE Student Reception

Putting ITE Out Front!

I am passionate about ITE and our transportation profession. As ITE Vice-President I would use that passion to advance ITE as an Inclusive Global Organization of Diverse Transportation Professionals that is “Out Front” in the industry. I invite you to work alongside me to make ITE a strong leader in transportation issues, a principal resource of relevant information, and an essential connection for networking and professional collaboration.

Information • Collaboration • Advocacy • Leadership

On the Campaign Trail

I am enjoying my experiences at the district meetings. Read more about the great people I've met and the special activities the districts have hosted!

In the News

Young Professionals in Transportation recently interviewed me about my career and vision for ITE. Read the interview here.

Video: Transportation Matters

Leight family: Seattle Space Needle, 2014 ITE Annual Meeting

Campaign Trail

Texas District
March 11-13
College Station, Texas

Mid-Colonial District
April 12-14
Arlington, Virginia

Southern District
April 19-22
Biloxi, Mississippi

Great Lakes District
April 20-21
Dayton, Ohio

Quad Meeting
May 1-2
Vancouver, British Columbia

Northeastern District
May 13-15
Albany, New York

Intermountain Section
May 14-16
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Florida District
May 26-29
Orlando, Florida

Canadian District
June 7-10
Regina, Saskatchewan

Midwestern District
June 29- July 1
Branson, Missouri

Western District
July 19-22
Las Vegas, Nevada


ITE should be the “go-to” place for information

Anyone looking for transportation information should confidently come to ITE first. We have made significant progress with improvements to the ITE Journal, ITE website, and webinars. During my term on the International Board, we have nearly doubled the number of webinars offered and lowered their fees, greatly increasing member accessibility and affordability. The program continues to expand and we are on target to offer 100 webinars in 2015. We can do even more to put ITE Out Front by increasing the availability of electronic publications and increasing ITE’s visibility on popular sites like Wikipedia.

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Innovation is at the core of who we are.

Great ideas travel fast and ITE members have always been at the forefront of revolutionary ideas. Communication and collaboration have been key priorities throughout my career and I will continue those priorities as ITE Vice President. ITE is improving communication through the ITE Journal, ITE Community, and great meetings. We are reaching out to young professionals through the new 30-30 younger member program. We are engaged in conversations with groups such as NACTO, RideScout, and Google, and we are expanding our international presence through strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations. Expanding these collaborations — and continuously reaching out to new partners — is essential to solving critical transportation challenges. We can put ITE Out Front by leading the global conversation about moving transportation forward.

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Together, the global ITE network can be a powerful voice for our profession.

It is crucial that our leaders advocate for ITE and for the transportation profession. ITE recently launched a new Advocacy Committee that is empowering members to be effective advocates for safe, efficient, and sustainable transportation policy worldwide. As an outspoken advocate for transportation in my hometown of St. Louis, I understand the importance of this program in providing a strong and compelling voice for the transportation profession. 

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I first held elected office in ITE in 2002 and have served in ITE leadership ever since. After receiving a B.S. from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an M.S. from the University of Wisconsin, my transportation career has developed with great help from ITE. I am a Past President of the St. Louis Chapter and the Missouri Valley Section and I am the Faculty Advisor for the UMSL/Washington University ITE Student Chapter. I am the Midwestern District Director on the International Board and serve on several ITE committees. I would be pleased to talk with you about my vision for ITE and what I offer as the next International Vice-President. 

Connect with me and join in the conversation about putting ITE Out Front.

Learn more about Shawn

Shawn J. Leight, PE, PTOE, PTP, FITE

Vice President /COO
CBB Transportation Engineers + Planners
12400 Olive Boulevard, Suite 430 | St. Louis, MO 63141

2015 Candidate for Vice President | Institute of Transportation Engineers
International Director | Institute of Transportation Engineers

Adjunct Professor | Washington University at St. Louis

314-878-6644, Ext. 21 (Office) | 314-922-3099 (Mobile) | 314-878-5876 (Fax)

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